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With Hyperven, the therapy developed by Drs. B. Snitslaar, you can cure your chronic hyperventialtion.




The HyperVen app is the heart of the HyperVen therapy. The app explains how to do the therapy and creates graphs from your sessions and a progress chart, in which you can see how progress with the therapy develops. You can get access to the app by clicking the button below. You will then be guided through the registration process, after which you will gain access to the app. You can then directly start your first session. However, we do advise you to first read the articles in the app carefully, so you will have a good understanding of the workings of the program.

The app has been optimized for usage on all devices. So you can run the app just as easily on your desktop computer, as on your tablet or smartphone. The program automatically adjusts itself to the screen size of your device. You do not have to install anything, because the program runs in the web browser of your computer, tablet or smartphone.

During the registration process you will receive an e-mail to activate your account. So it is important to enter your e-mail address carefully on the registration form of the app. In the e-mail you will find a link to activate your account. As soon as you have clicked on the link, you can access the app. PLEASE NOTE: by clicking the link, you also accept the TERMS AND CONDITIONS of the HyperVen program.

IMPORTANT: The e-mail that will be sent during the registration process sometimes ends up in the unwanted mail of spam folder.
If you have not received the e-mail after a considerable time period, please contact the HyperVen Foundation through the contact form or e-mail.

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