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Welcome to the HyperVen website. Your search on the internet has brought you to our site. On our site you can find all information about the hyperventilation phenomenon. It explains the difference between acute and chronic hyperventilation. You will see that the acute variant is a normal body function. In contrast, the chronic variant is a real disease / condition. And you can also discover the causes of hyperventilation.

Curing hyperventilation

Of course you are not only looking for information about hyperventilation, but also how to cure it. Curing the chronic variant is a multiple step process. The first step is to understand this disease. What happens in your body and especially in the respiratory center in the brain? Once you understand that, you will also understand the next steps of the healing process. That is why we provide a lot of background information on chronic hyperventilation, the respiratory center and the effects in the body.

Healing with HyperVen

the key to healing
the key to healing

The key to healing lies in the re-setting of the respiratory center in the brain. This was successfully applied for the first time by the Dutch neurologist PhD. B. Snitslaar. He wrote a number of medical articles about the syndrome of chronic hyperventilation. You can find excerpts from these articles in the medical section of the site. Later Rob Gravesteijn together with PhD. Snitslaar built the HyperVen program around the therapy. You can order the HyperVen program via this website.

Hyperventilation and stress

An important chapter on this site is the section that deals with the relationship between hyperventilation and stress. We advise you to also take good knowledge of this. This background information is also part of the key to success to cure hyperventilation.

Questions and answers

On the site you can find special articles with frequently asked questions and answers. There are questions about hyperventilation and about the HyperVen program. We advise you to go through these frequently asked questions. They are a good addition to the already extensive information on our site. In addition, there are also a large number of success stories from people who have already done the HyperVen therapy and have healed themselves with this program.

If you are going to do HyperVen, you probably will have personal questions during the healing process. We are ready to help you. Finally, we wish you good health and a swift and easy healing process.

With kind regards,

Rob and Sanne

Frequently Asked Questions

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The HyperVen program

The HyperVen program is an online therapy program with which you can cure yourself of hyperventilation. Many went before you. Take your destiny into your own hands and start today.

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The HyperVen program automatically adjusts the screen, regardless of the screen size. So it also works on your smart phone!

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The HyperVen staff will support you during the program by e-mail, by telephone or via our forums.

The session chart

In each session, the program keeps a chart for you to record your scores.

Your progress chart

All results are put together in your progress chart. In this chart your healing becomes visible.

The chatbox

In the program you will find a chat box in which you can chat with other users.

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In the program you can create an account for the HyperVen user forums.

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The healing process

The healing process goes through the following stages: