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Cure my hyperventilation

What is the average starting value for this therapy?
July 04, 2010 12:05PM
What is the average starting value for this therapy?

It depends on many things. Most people that suffer from CHV, are far below 1 minute when they start (1 minute is a normal value for untrained healthy persons, but there are always exceptions). Even then there are people that start at a higher value and still suffer from the symptoms of CHV. It depends on things like volume of the lungs, stature, physical condition, smoking, drinking, amount of sleep and many others.

Try not to focus on the scores of other people. As long as you graph is rising, your tolerance for CO2 is rising and the healing process continues. You keep this up until (usually after about 4 months) the graph flattens. You reach the moment where you CO2 tolerance will be normal again. In the mean time you body will produce CO2 buffers, making you more resilient against hyperventilation!

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