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Why do my scores go up and down so often?
July 04, 2010 11:59AM
Why do my scores go up and down so often?

The time you can hold your breath varies widely, even with healthy people. There is a variety of things influencing this, like: your stature, your physical condition, the size of your lungs, whether you smoke or not, how much sleep you had, how much stress you had during the day (or night, in your dreams!), etc...

That the scores go up and down does not mean the effectiveness of the therapy is going up and down too. Even when the scores are lower then the previous time, it does not mean the effectiveness was lower as well. That why we keep stressing to not focus on the trial scores, but only look at the bigger picture. The graph showing the average is a much better indication, but also this graph may go up and down a lot. You have to look at the progress over time, weeks rather then days...

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