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Why is curing hyperventilation with HyperVen a permanent solution?

Why is curing hyperventilation with HyperVen a permanent solution?
July 04, 2010 11:56AM
Why is curing hyperventilation with HyperVen a permanent solution?

With most people curing hyperventilation with HyperVen gives a permanent solution. Reason for this is that this therapy replenishes the carbon dioxide buffers in the blood, so hyperventilation can be compensated normally again. For this reason there is little chance of the symptoms returning.

There are a few situations where a return of the symptoms can happen:

1. If the cause of your hyperventilation is still present. In this situation it becomes very hard to cure hyperventilation anyway. Even if the setting of the respiratory center has been changed, the constant hyperventilation causes it to change back again. But with most people the primary cause of their hyperventilation is long gone. They have eliminated their stress causing situations and other stressful things, that made them ill in the first place. But some people might still suffer from the primary cause.

2. Sometimes people go back to their old (destructive) behavior that triggered the hyperventilation. This can also be a cause for CHV to return. But mostly people that have suffered from CHV have "learned their lesson" and changed their behavior to a less destructive way of living and more positive views.

For these reasons this therapy is so successful. Most of the time the causes are gone and the people hyperventilate solely because the altered setting of the respiratory center makes them. By altering the setting of the respiratory center their buffers increase, they changed their destructive habits and points of view psychologically (thanks to the severe symptoms!), and the chance of CHV returning becomes very slim. Most of the time we see very good results. In some cases I had to steer people in the right direction to let them benefit optimally of this therapy. But most people are able to figure everything out by themselves. We do not have exact data, but we estimate that around 90% of the people that start doing the therapy, have experienced a significant improvement of their symptoms. A large group told us the CHV symptoms had disappeared completely. With some people it went very fast, with other it took (much) longer.

A relatively small group (approx. 10%) experiences little of no improvement. Cause of this could be that the primary cause of their CHV is still present. Sometimes this cause can be hidden, even for the person himself. Sometimes people just do not want to know (it can be threatening to have to make significant changes in our lives)! When I asked a lot of people that reported to have none or little improvement, I found that a lot of them told me they did not practice regularly. Often they stopped doing the therapy to early or they only did the exercises a few times per week... This therapy needs a strong discipline because progress is based on a cumulative effect. My conclusion is: yes, there are people that have little or no progress, but the majority of them can cure themselves with this therapy. If only they put more effort in to it...

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