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Why is it I keep checking my body constantly?

Why is it I keep checking my body constantly?
July 04, 2010 12:27PM
Why is it I keep checking my body constantly?

Most people - when suffering from CHV symptoms for a long time - develop a hypochondriac disorder. This means they have lost confidence in their own body and they are afraid they have some sort of terrible disease. Very common are fear of having a heart disorder, cancer or tumors, and so on. It is in fact a logical effect when you look at the amount of symptoms caused by CHV. Something is wrong, but we do not know what it is nor what is causing it. The doctor often cannot help and we start to loose confidence in our body...

Because of these fears, the respiratory center is excited even more and the symptoms increase, basically because of the lack of buffer. It is one of the vicious loops you end up in when suffering from CHV. The solution is to break the circle. But to be able to do this you first need to know how the mechanism of CHV works. You can achieve this by reading the articles on our site thoroughly, giving yourself a good understanding of the whereabouts of CHV. Then you can start doing the HyperVen therapy to free yourself of the nasty CHV symptoms.

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