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What is the relationship between hyperventilation, heart pounding and heart misfiring?

What is the relationship between hyperventilation, heart pounding and heart misfiring?

What exactly is:

1 Heart pounding ?
2 Heart misfiring?
3 Heart rhythm disturbances?

1. One experiences heart pounding when the frequency of the heart beating suddenly goes up. This can be caused by CHV (I will get into that later on) or by a sudden discharge of stress. This causes the brain to release adrenaline into the blood, causing a (strong) increase in the beating frequency of the heart.

2. Normally the muscular cells of the heart wait until the guidance system delivers an impulse to create a heart beat. However sometimes a few of these cells are "impatient" and they create their own pulse before the normal pulse has reached them. This is called an "ectopic heartbeat". This can give a sense of the heart misfiring. When they appear quickly after each other, it can feel as heart pounding again. You only notice them when you are in rest, because during exercises or physical activities the "impatient" cells do not get the chance to create their own pulse.

3. With heart rhythm disturbances the frequency of the heart beats is irregular. People suffering from CHV usually have a respiratory rhythm disturbance, meaning the heart beating frequency is different when you inhale compared to when you exhale. You can easily notice this within yourself.

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What causes these anomalies to the heart rhythm when you suffer from CHV? Basically the heart is a (very strong) muscle. Muscles tend to compensate the low acidity level in the blood by releasing lactic acid. This deposit of lactic acid causes minor "short circuit" in the muscles. Because of this the muscles can ache of tremble (like a trembling eyebrow).

The heart being a muscle too, is also impacted by the deposit of lactic acid, causing the symptoms described above...

These phenomenon are not dangerous, but do cause great worry for people suffering from CHV. After all, it is our heart we are talking about! Doing the HyperVen therapy has a positive effect on these symptoms. In many cases they fade away completely.

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