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Finally a cure for hyperventilation

Welcome to this website. Here you will find extensive information about the chronic hyperventilation syndrome. You will get to know what hyperventilation is, the symptoms it causes, and – most importantly – what you and your doctor can do to cure you from this difficult disorder.

Curing hyperventilation with HyperVen

Particular attention is given to the therapy with the HyperVen program. Thanks to this new therapy many people have been cured of hyperventilation. If you want to order HyperVen, you can do that on this website. Yoiu wil find the links to order in the menu and in the special control panels of this site. But first read the content of this site carefully. The site contains a vast amount of information, but it’s all worth reading.

User experiences with the HyperVen program

User experiences with the HyperVen program can be found in our user phorums. You can also find many answers to frequently asked questions in the phorums. You can access the phorums by clicking on the following link: open the phorum

What is hyperventilation actually?

Read all the articles on this site carefully to get good knowledge of the hyperventilation syndrome and – even more important – how to cure yourself from this difficult disorder.
You can start reading by clicking on the following link: What is hyperventilation?

Experience with HyperVen

To cure the chronic hyperventilation syndrome, the therapy with the HyperVen program turned out to be very effective. The therapy - that was developed by the Dutch neurologist Drs. B. Snitslaar - is very sound method to reduce the sensitivity of the brains respiratory center for carbon dioxide increase in the blood. It this way, it targets the chronic hyperventilation at its source. Read the success stories of people who cured themselves with the HyperVen program. Read more...