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Medications used to treat hyperventilation

Curing hyperventilation is, despite extensive knowledge about the phenomenon, still in its infancy. Although symptoms can be targeted with medicine, the offset of the respiratory center in the brain remains. The brain already has become used to the alkaline condition. In most cases, treatment exclusively targets the symptoms rather than the cause.


Tranquilizers are often prescribed. This usually concerns a selection from the benzodiazepine anxiolytics group of medicine. Success varies and often turns out to be inadequate. However, these medicines can temporarily provide relieve for the confused hyperventilating patient. Risk of taking these medications are getting dependent on them, or – even worse – addicted to them.


Antidepressants (AD) are often prescribed and they can be equally functional as the tranquilizers. They can break the mental routine of the patient and have a strong anxiety reducing effect, thus creating an opening for recovery. The downside of this group of medicines is the often occurring side effects. Especially in the beginning the effects of AD medicines can be profound.

Resetting the respiratory center in the brain

In practice however, changing the breathing habits and resetting the respiratory center’s sensitivity for carbon dioxide, appears a much more effective approach than prescribing medications.

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