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Treating chronic hyperventilation with the HyperVen program

More positive results can be achieved by resetting the respiratory center in the brain to a higher CO2 tolerance. By daily exercises a person can – over the course of several months – significantly reduce the sensitivity of the brain for CO2 increases in the blood. Contrary to other forms of therapy, the HyperVen program has a much more compelling influence on the brain’s respiratory center.

How does it work?

The therapy basically comes down to learning to hold one’s breath longer. This forces the respiratory center in the brain to accept a higher acidity level in the blood. The brain loses its excessive sensitivity to CO2, slows down the breathing frequency and rebuilds the HCO3-buffering system (see also hyperventilation).

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The results

The symptoms of chronic hyperventilation will fade. The panic and anxiety feelings stay away, even in phobic situations. The phobic avoidance behavior will slowly die away. This therapy proves to be an unprecedented effective approach and produces – after 2 to 4 months of daily practice – noticeable results. But the healing process continues even after the patient has stopped the HyperVen therapy. We often see a vast psychological recovery in the months following the therapy.

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