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Cure my hyperventilation



Please read carefully - before entering the phorums - the articles on www.hyperventilation.info.

Much of the terminology used in the phorums, you will only understand if you have a good general idea of hyperventilation, what causes it and what keeps your body trapped in it. Most of this information you can find on the website of the HyperVen foundation. Understanding what the illness is about, is the first step in the healing process! To be able to post messages and replies on forum 1 - the open forum - you can create your own user account and password by clicking this link: register a new account

There is a vast amount of information in the phorums. You can use the search facility on the top right to quickly find postings related to your question, by searching for keywords. You can only post in phorum 1, the open phorum. To be able to do so, you need a username and password. You can create your own login once you purchased access to the HyperVen program. On the site www.hyperventilation.info you can find information and pricing details on how to acquire a subscription for the HyperVen program.

Before you start posting messages, make sure you read about the posting rules. These rules are described in detail within the HyperVen online program. Not abiding by these rules could result in being revoked from using this phorum.
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