Different kinds of therapy

kinds of therapy for chronic hyperventilation

Hyperventilating patients often get the advice to breathe in a plastic or paper bag to counteract the excessive loss of CO2. But usually a confused, panicky and fast breathing patient cannot effectively use this method. Usually this just makes it worse for the patient.

Psychiatric or psychological help

Psychiatric or psychological help is advisable for the treatment of anxieties, in particular aimed at restoring confidence. Fears are often more an effect of hyperventilation than the cause. Fears can manifest themselves in many forms: street anxiety, claustrophobia, fear of travel, fear of physical contact, hypochondria, etc. Treating the fears needs to be in parallel with working on the patient’s excessive breathing, otherwise treatment will not be effective.

Understanding hyperventilation and its causes are the first step towards recovery!

Adequate explanation about the hyperventilation syndrome is the first step to successful treatment. Patients need to understand what is happening to them, and get to understand cause and effect. The severity of the condition should be explained to them, so the patients get an understanding and therefore will feel more in control.

Improving the respiration

The re-education of the way of breathing of patients is the next step in the treatment. They need to learn to stop sighing deeply. Good instructions and guidance by a physical therapist with experience in respiratory therapy can help the patient to let go of his thorax type of breathing in favor of the abdominal type of breathing. In combination with relaxation exercises and correction of body posture reasonable results can be achieved.

Training the respiratory center in the brain

The most effective treatment of the chronic hyperventilation syndrome is to teach the respiratory center in the brain to accept a higher acidity level in the blood. The therapy designed by Drs. B. Snitslaar allows people to do the necessary exercises in their home environment. Within a few months they can permanently cure themselves. The therapy can be done using the computer program HyperVen.

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