Finally a cure for hyperventilation!


img.jpgWhat therapies are there to cure people from CHS? Most succesfull sofar is the therapy with the HyperVen program, because this therapy actually deals directly with the respriratory center in the brain. The classic methods and many other therapies often fail because they leave the setting of the respiratory center as it is, thus the patient keeps hyperventilating on the authority of the respiratory center. Medicine use can be helpfull, especially in combination with the HyperVen program.

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Explanation how the program HyperVen works

HyperVen is a method that will cure you from chronic hyperventilation, simply by teaching you to hold your breath longer then you can do now. The effect of this was discovered by the Dutch neurologist Drs. B. Snitslaar. The chairman of the HyperVen Foundation (Rob Gravesteijn), who himself was cured thanks to this therapy, has created the HyperVen Program together with Drs. Snitslaar. Because of this the program is now available for everyone. The program is offered online, through this website. The therapy using the program HyperVen is a self aiding program: it teaches the user exactly how to do the exercises. During the excercises the user has the option to receive TIPS. In the TIPS lots of information is given on both hyperven related and hyperventilation related issues.

You can start now

You can start the therapy by clicking on this link: Goto the registration page 
But Before you do, please first read the articles on this site throurougly! Understanding the CHS is the first step to cure you of this difficult disorder.


The Cost

The cost for doing the therapy is held at a minimum and that is why the HyperVen program is much lower in cost then most other forms of therapy. The cost is 15 euro per month and the transactions can be performed with secure credit card payments. You typically start with a 4 months period (60 euro) and can then extend the therapy with one month each after this period.


When you need help

During the therapy many questions can arise or you might need help on certain aspects or sudden increase in severity of your symptoms. For this the HyperVen Foundation is available through e-mail. You can send your questions to On top of that the Foundatuion has raised the user forums. You can create your own forum account and communicate with your fellow users of the program. In the forums you will find a wealth of information about the HyperVen therapy and the Hyperventilation Syndrome. To access the forums click on this link: Goto the forums


Treating hyperventilation using the program HyperVen

Many positive results have been achieved with resetting the respiratory center in the brain to a higher tolerance for carbon dioxide. By doing daily exercises of the HyperVen method, we can normalize the tolerance of the respiratory center for CO2. The therapy trains a person to hold the breath longer and longer. Because of this, the respiratory center will be forced to accept a higher acidity level in the blood. This makes the patient loose the extreme sensitivity for CO2 and the subsequent hyperventilation. The patient regains the carbon dioxide buffer systems (see also description).


The results

The symptoms of hyperventilation will slowly disappear. Panic and anxiety will vanish, even in the phobic situations. The phobic evasive behavior begins to fade away. This therapy turned out to be an extremely successful treatment and it shows clear results after 2 to 4 months of practicing.



We strongly advise you to notify your house doctor or physician of the fact that you are using the program, so they are aware of you doing this therapy. This is especially important when you are treated with medicine or other therapies. HyperVen documents your personal results in a graph and helps you to stay motivated. By means of the graph you can monitor your own progress. The graphical representation of your progress provides a positive feedback which helps you to complete the therapy! 


What computer do you need

To use HyperVen you just need a computer that is connected to the internet and has an internet browser like:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Netscape
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari (for an Apple or iMac)

HyperVen clearly explains how to do the therapy and helps you out with the details. Using HyperVen is very easy, but the therapy itself is quite demanding. Still you do not need a very good physical condition. Basically everyone can do it. Typically you will be practicing 2 to 3 sessions per day, taking up 15 - 30 minutes per session. Total duration of the therapy  will vary from person to person, but usually you will have reached a level where you can stop after about 4 months. But even after you stopped, the healing process will still continue!

Classic treatment

Popular therapies to cure hyperventilation

Often patients get the advise to breath in a plastic bag. The idea is to prevent the loss of CO2. But only on rare occasions the confused, scary and gasping patient is able to successfully use such an appliance. More likely they will qualify the bag as being worse then the actual attack.
Psychiatric or psychological help is advisable for treating fears, the aid is basically focused on restoring confidence. But fears are more often the effect then the cause of the hyperventilation. There are many forms of anxieties: fear of going out on the street, claustrophobia, fear of travel, fear of physical contact, hypochondria, and so on. But while dealing with the fears, something needs to be done about the respiratory behaviour, or the effect will be negligible.

Give the patient insight in the disease

Adequate explanation of hyperventilation seems the first step towards successful treatment. Patients need to understand what's wrong with them and get a clear notice of cause and effect. The severity of the illness needs to be recognized, giving patients better grip and it reduces the hopeless feelings as if something is happening that cannot be controlled.

Changing the bad breathing habits

Changing the bad breathing habits is the next step. The habit of frequent sighing can be broken. Adequate instruction and guidance from a therapist who has experience with breathing disorders, can lead the patient to change the high (thorax based) breathing to the much healthier low (abdominal) breathing. In combination with relaxing exercises reasonable results can be achieved.


Medicines used to cure hyperventilation

Curing hyperventilation is, despite all the knowledge available, still very rudimentary. Usually only the symptoms are treated, but the changed setting of the respiratory center remains. The fast breathing frequency has become the normal situation of the body. Often relaxing medicine is being applied. Usually from the benzodiazepine group. The success rate of this medicine varies and in the end does not hold. Still they can provide a significant relieve in the early stages. But there is always the risk, when taking these medicines, of getting dependent or addicted.

Anti depressants

Another popular and effective medicine is the antidepressant (AD), which can be equally or even more effective. They break the psychological barriers, thus creating an opening to physical recovery. Especially the SRRI and Tetracyclic AD like Remeron can be very helpfull, and are even more effective when combined with the HyperVen therapy.