Finally a cure for hyperventilation!

A very effective cure for the hyperventilation syndrome

Due to a new Dutch therapy the chronic hyperventilation syndrome can now be cured.


Here you will find extensive information concerning the syndrome of chronic hyperventilation. With many details on the specifics of hyperventilation, the symptoms that manifest it self to the patients and – most important – what you and your physician can do to cure you of this difficult disorder.

Special attention is given to the therapy based on the program HyperVen. Thanks to this very effective new therapy, many people have been cured from hyperventilation.

If you want to participate and use the HyperVen online program, you can access it by clicking on this link: Goto the HyperVen registration page

Basically these three questions are answered on our site:

1. What is Hyperventilation?

2. What is causing it?

3. What can you do about it?

On top of that there are the user phorums, in which you can find quick answers to basic questions about the Hyperventilation syndrome and experiences from people that have cured themselves with - or are still doing - the HyperVen method.