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What exactly is HyperVen?

What exactly is HyperVen?
July 04, 2010 12:11PM
What exactly is HyperVen?

To successfully use the HyperVen program, some stamina is needed. The therapy is quite demanding, it takes about half an hour per session (at a later stage this might become three quarters). And you have to maintain that routine for about 4 months...! For the therapy to gain a cumulative effect, one needs to do at least two sessions per day, before the meals and at least 3 hours in between sessions. One does the exercises sitting behind the PC, in a quiet surrounding.

Each session is comprised of 10 so called "trials". In every trial a carbon dioxide saving exercise is done. The program records the progress of each trial in a graph. The average over all the sessions is also monitored in an overall graph. The average graph is a clear indication of ones progress and provides a positive feedback. The higher the graph line gets, the higher the tolerance of the respiratory center has become for carbon dioxide levels in the blood. After a few weeks practicing one starts to notice an improvement. Sometimes people have an increase in the symptoms in the beginning of the therapy, but that usually fades after a few weeks.

As soon as the average graph starts to flatten, the symptoms usually have diminished or are completely gone and one can start thinking of stopping the therapy. But even after one stops doing the therapy, the healing process continues. In the end all symptoms vanish and also the phobic and hypochondriac fears.

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