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Cure my hyperventilation

Does HyperVen change the high thorax based breathing?
July 04, 2010 12:11PM
Does HyperVen change the high thorax based breathing?

The "high" breathing is caused by the changed setting of the respiratory center. The body is forced into a higher breathing frequency, which causes us to let go of the abdominal type of breathing in favor of the thorax based breathing. This happens because the "high" breathing facilitates a faster breathing frequency. The abdominal breathing just does not support a fast breathing frequency... Therefore the "high' breathing is rather an effect then the cause of hyperventilation.

The actual cause can be a variety of things. Usually it is caused psychologically (stress, emotions that were pushed aside, trauma's, etc). But also excessive use of caffeine, drugs or even certain medicines.

By doing the HyperVen therapy the respiratory center regains a higher tolerance for CO2. Because of this the body automatically lowers the breathing frequency. The effect is that we automatically change the "high" breathing type for the "low" abdominal breathing type (although sometimes a little help to change the bad breathing type can be necessary).

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