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Cure my hyperventilation

How do I stay motivated to keep doing the exercises?
July 04, 2010 12:10PM
How do I stay motivated to keep doing the exercises?

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HyperVen indeed is a demanding therapy, which requires good motivation to maintain the excercises for 4 months, twice a day. Still sometimes people make it harder then it should be:

a. one puts too much attention to each trial score
b. one puts too much pressure on one self (it's the trade of perfectionism people with hyperventilation share)
c. we often have too many other obligations, causing the therapy to be postponed

There are a few thought patterns we can change, making the therapy suddenly much easier:

a. The trial scores are not of direct importance. Even when you have a day (or a few days) where the scores are significantly lower, it still is not important to the bigger picture. Do not pay too much attention to each trial score, but focus on the average graph. In this graph you can see you real progress and how it slowly changes.

b. the therapy should not be done as an obligatory thing, of which not a single day can be skipped. Even with minor increases of the tolerance of the respiratory center (rc), the rc will maintain that setting automatically! So by skipping once in a while, it doesn't really matter. Of course one should try to do the therapy twice a day as often as possible, to maintain the cumulative effect.

c. indeed, we are all very busy, which means not much time is left to do the therapy. But when doing the therapy, it takes about one hour per day. That seems a lot of time, but it is an hour just for your self! One hour, just for you! Many people spend an hour per day doing meditation or watching television, to relax. So grant yourself the time you need ( the therapy also has a strong relaxing effect)

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The following thoughts made the therapy a lot easier for me:

Think of a pearl diver. When they start diving for pearls, they can stay under water for about 1 minute. After a few months the time under water has increased to 4 or even 5 minutes... These people actually are doing the same therapy, but without any form of pressure. The diver will never try to reach a certain score, or force himself to stay under water longer then he can. Because of the relaxed approach, ("if I feel it necessary, I will just go up to breathe"winking smiley, the tolerance of their respiratory center jumps up. Doing the therapy with this kind of attitude, works so much better. No pressure, just hold you breath until you had enough. Then slowly exhale and maybe stretch it a little longer. Then when you feel it's is needed, start inhaling again.

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It is our perfectionism on the one hand, and our desire to cure quickly on the other, that causes us to experience the therapy as more demanding then it should. Try to alter your approach to the pearl diver's. "I will just do the therapy, I will regard it as one hour of relaxation and the graph will tell me the results"...

Using this approach made the therapy a lot easier for me, because the forcing nature of it was gone!

Rob Gravesteijn
HyperVen Foundation

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