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Can you still do sports when you are doing HyperVen?
July 04, 2010 12:09PM
Can you still do sports when you are doing HyperVen?

Because of CHV the blood usually is alkaline. In the alkaline environment the red blood cells cannot exchange the oxygen properly to the muscles, organs and other tissues. For this reason the performance of people with CHV are usually lower then normal. This gets better if the average acidity in the blood gets higher and more carbon dioxide buffers are stored in the blood. Another thing is that people with CHV tend to remain breathing in a too high a frequency for too long after they stopped their sport activities. Therefore they need more time to recover.

But we encourage to keep doing physical activities besides doing the HyperVen therapy, even if your performance is not as good as you hoped it would be. Physical activities are important because they help reducing stress levels and it makes you mentally and physically stronger. Because of this you can handle your CHV better and the therapy will be easier as well. You will notice that your performance will go up again and normalize when you start doing the HyperVen therapy.

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