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What is the difference between regular therapies and HyperVen?

What is the difference between regular therapies and HyperVen?
July 04, 2010 12:09PM
What is the difference between regular therapies and HyperVen?

By it self the regular therapies are ok. Basically they focus on the breathing technique, replacing the "high" breathing (thorax) for the healthier "low" breathing (abdominal type). But the thing is, one cannot spend the whole day checking how they are breathing. Most of the time the breathing is left to the respiratory center. And that is the problem with the conventional therapies. The wrong setting of the respiratory center remains, and even if you breathing technique is proper, still the breathing frequency will be too high...!

For this reason often - although showing an improvement in the beginning - the results of conventional therapies do no last. Little is changed by these therapies to the faulty setting of the respiratory center.

The HyperVen therapy forces the respiratory center to change, to accept the higher CO2 levels in the blood. Once achieved, the respiratory center starts controlling the breathing frequency in accordance with the new setting, and thus keeps the acidity level that goes with that new setting. And that is the basic difference between the conventional therapies and the HyperVen method.

An equally important aspect of the HyperVen therapy, is that by changing the setting of the respiratory center, the blood is replenished with CO2 buffers (HCO3 ions)which now helps to deal with hyperventilation by means of compensation. When there are enough buffers, hyperventilation in stressful situations can now can easily be dealt with by the body. Because of the buffers, no of hardly any effects from the hyperventilation are noticed. When the stressful situation has been dealt with, the buffers are replenished to the correct levels. Because the conventional therapies do not change the setting of the respiratory center, no buffers are created by the body. Hence the vulnerability and people get stuck in the situation that even small events of stress already cause direct CHV reactions. This is the big difference between HyperVen and the conventional therapies.

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