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Does HyperVen help cure perfectionism, anxieties and phobia?

Does HyperVen help cure perfectionism, anxieties and phobia?
July 04, 2010 12:08PM
Does HyperVen help cure perfectionism, anxieties and phobia?

The phobic fears are the hardest to cure. Basically because they have become a reflex. We have become used to respond to a certain situation in the same manner and emotions. This behavior disappears very slowly, sometimes it takes longer then a year! Trust in our own ability has to replace the reflex reactions.

Perfectionism is a trade most people with CHV have. Sometimes even in an extreme form. By it self it is a good trade, unless of course it leads to CHV! One has to find a balance between the perfectionist nature and the ability to let go of things in time. Also accepting that other people might no be perfectionists like you is a part of it. Sometimes that is one of the hardest things.

Fear of failing is also a known factor in developing a CHV syndrome. To constantly questions ones own abilities, and yet having to perform on an accepted level, causes the respiratory center to raise the breathing frequency... And by now we all know where that leads to.... It is a psychological problem, that you need to solve within yourself (or sometimes with help from a therapist). Fear of failing usually starts at a young age. Confidence wasn't boosted enough. Parents, teachers and friends and of course your own nature play a big part in this. Conquering the fear of failing is a process of maturing. One can convince themselves of their own ability. If you are a healthy person, with both hands and normal brain, one can accomplish almost everything that other people can do. Maybe not on the top level, but you can still do it! Making mistakes is nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone makes mistakes, also people that do not have fear of failing! It is our reflex that keeps telling us "yes, we failed again" in stead of a more healthy response like "alright, I made a mistake, so what?" One can teach himself this. Not without a lot of effort, but it is absolutely possible!

Phobic fears are usually developed after the CHV has manifested itself. The confidence in the body diminishes (we have the symptoms to prove it!). The symptoms point towards physical malfunction. Especially while we are in the phobic situation we experience the symptoms, causing us to avoid these situations all together. So phobia are an effect rather then a cause of CHV, whereas the other mentioned above are more the cause.

If we cure CHV (by means of HyperVen) and the causes are taken away as well (or have been identified), the phobia will also start to fade. But it takes a long time to regain our confidence in the workings of the body and our abilities. We have to change the reflex. For most people it takes about one year to start exposing themselves again to the phobic situations. If they experience none (or only a few) of the symptoms, they regain confidence. This way the phobc fears will slowly fade away.

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