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Can I still do the HyperVen therapy if I suffer from Asthma?
July 04, 2010 12:08PM
Can I still do the HyperVen therapy if I suffer from Asthma?

The combination Asthma and CHV happens quite frequently. For people suffering from Asthma, the HyperVen therapy can be extra demanding. Still we do not advise against it. But you have to make your house doctor of other physician aware of the fact that you are doing the therapy, so they know there is a new factor in the equation that has to be taken into account. If you suffer from Asthma, it is very important to do the exercises without forcing it in any way. Rather exercise a few months longer then taking the risk of Asthma attacks. So just be cautious when suffering from Asthma.

If you have other lung disorders, possibly you have to be expelled from doing the therapy. Always consult your physician in those cases and let him have the final word.

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