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Cure my hyperventilation

How long does it take before one starts to notice an improvement?
July 04, 2010 12:07PM
How long does it take before one starts to notice an improvement?

The healing process is varies from person to person. Some people notice a huge difference after just a few weeks. With some it can take (much) longer. It depends on a variety of things. A few things that greatly influence the healing time are: how deep are you in it? are the causes of your hyperventilation still there? How is your physical condition? Do you practice the HyperVen therapy on a regular basis? Are you sleeping well? etc.

Within 4 months a significant improvement must be noticeable. The graph showing the progress of the average must have risen (it usually starts to flatten after 4 months). But the complete healing process usually takes up to one year, in which also the mental adaptations of living without the symptoms takes place.

The next two factor are majorly important for the healing process:

1. the basic (primary) cause of the CHV is gone

2. once cured you do not fall back to the old (destructive) behavior patterns that caused the CHV in the first place (some people - unfortunately - tend to pick up their old destructive way of living again, once they start feeling better...)

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