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Is HyperVen suitable if you suffer from burnout?

Is HyperVen suitable if you suffer from burnout?
July 04, 2010 12:06PM
Is HyperVen suitable if you suffer from burnout?

HyperVen is extra demanding when you suffer from burnout. But with a burnout hyperventilation usually plays a big part, which makes resetting the respiratory center in the brain a significant help to deal wit the burnout symptoms. But when you suffer from burn-out the psychological stress is enormous. For this reason one needs to take a lot of rest. The support the healing process meditation and/or Yoga is advisable. Physical activity is also vital (although physically tiring, it relaxes the brain).

Burnout is a difficult problem. Stress is the main factor. That impacted the internal systems of the body and usually causes hyperventilation as well. The hyperventilation start to produce it's own symptoms on top of the ones already there, thus amplifying the problem. By doing the HyperVen therapy one can certainly improve, but the underlying stress has to be dealt with.

Our nervous system facilitates dissolving stress by resting, for example when we sleep (dream). This mechanism starts itself and maintains our nervous system in that manner. The symptoms we experience are often the healing process at work. It is vital to understand this.

One more thing: dissolving stress from a burnout is a slow process. Healing a burnout can take many months, sometimes years... During this period one will experience many ups and downs.

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