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What exactly happens during the trials?

What exactly happens during the trials?
July 04, 2010 12:00PM
What exactly happens during the trials?

The lungs only start to exchange oxygen for carbon dioxide again, when you start inhaling again at the end of the trial. Until that time the lungs are saturated with carbon dioxide and the blood cannot put more CO2 in them. So the longer you postpone inhaling again, the more carbon dioxide is piled up in the blood (causing the acidity level of the blood to rise). If you do this frequently, the respiratory center starts to accept the higher acidity level in the blood and this now becomes the normal level. This is how the therapy works.

The increase of the buffers is the result of the changed setting of the respiratory center. With a certain setting, you will also have a certain amount of buffer in the blood. During acute hyperventilation the buffers can be depleted rapidly, but they will be replenished shortly after the hyperventilation stops.

So during the exercises you do not create buffers, but we change the setting of the respiratory center and an increased level of buffer is the result. In practice we see that the respiratory center changes it's setting suddenly, causing a sudden going up of the graph. After that the setting stabilizes for a while and then suddenly goes up again. So if you find your scores are not increasing, wait for a while and you will see this sudden increase happening.

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