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When can I stop doing the therapy?

When can I stop doing the therapy?
July 04, 2010 11:58AM
When can I stop doing the therapy?

If the graph stops going up for several weeks, the moment has come to stop the therapy. So pay good attention to your graph showing the average. Equally important: how do you feel? In certain cases it can be advisable to prolong the therapy with one of a few months. One has to use their own judgment, because usually there are no distinct criteria as to when you can stop. It would be possible if the acidity of the blood could be measured during the therapy, but usually this is a luxury we cannot afford. So we have to rely on less distinct data and it becomes a matter of sensing when to stop.

Once you stop doing the exercises the healing process will continue. We often noticed that people that have stopped, and then start again doing the therapy after a few months, now appear to have even higher scores as when they stopped the therapy.

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