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Why do people who suffer from CHV yawn and sigh so frequently?
July 04, 2010 12:30PM
Why do people who suffer from CHV yawn and sigh so frequently?

Yawning, sighing and coughing are ways one uses unwittingly to quickly reduce the amount of CO2 in the body. In this manner we support the respiratory center to get rid of "superfluous" CO2. What can one do about it?

You can train yourself to stop sighing. Every time you do it, you quickly react and start exhaling very slowly. You keep you lips tightly together and let the air go out very slowly indeed. Because of this the reduction of CO2 is minimal. It sounds easier then it is. But if you really try to do it over and over again, it becomes a reflex. And then you trained yourself to not sigh again.

Yawning is another way to loose CO2 rapidly. Although it is also a sign of relaxation, it is still better to train yourself to stop yawning to often. You can use a similar method as the one described above for sighing.

Coughing is also a similar way we use unwittingly to get rid of CO2 fast. This one is not so easy to change, but it can be done. We found that if the HyperVen therapy has done it's job, these "backdoors" to loose CO2 in a fast way are often not used anymore.

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