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Is fear a cause or an effect of hyperventilation?

Is fear a cause or an effect of hyperventilation?
July 04, 2010 12:28PM
Is fear a cause or an effect of hyperventilation?

Often the level of stress rises due to the symptoms of CHV. Because of the inability of the physician to help, we worry too much and start to fear the worst... Stress and anxiety increases!

If you do the HyperVen therapy, you start to build confidence again and our CO2 buffers increase. This causes us to worry less and stress and anxiety diminish.

Sometimes stress levels are just too high. (e.g. burn-out!). You then end up in the situation where the stress keeps you locked in the CHV syndrome. The graph only moves up very slowly (or not at all). In these cases dealing with the stress levels is vitally important. This is the reason that fear (due to the high stress level) first is the cause of CHV, but later becomes an effect. The effect can then lead to an increase of the symptoms and this causes more fear... You end up in a loop of stress => fear => CHV => more stress => more fear => more CHV and so on... To break this loop, you need to work simultaneously on both stress levels and your respiratory center!

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