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Cure my hyperventilation

Why am I so extremely tired, is this also due to CHV?
July 04, 2010 12:27PM
Why am I so extremely tired, is this also due to CHV?

Fatigue and CHV go hand in hand. Because of CHV the blood usually is alkaline. This causes the red blood cells to not be able to release their oxygen properly to the surrounding tissues. On top of this the blood vessels are narrowed, this causes an impact on the amount of blood that can be carried through the blood vessels. These factors cause intense fatigue.

Trying to sleep for 12 hours a day will not solve this problem. It is much better to keep a good routine of 8 hours of sleep and to start sleeping (and get up) roughly around the same time every day. Try to get to bed way before 12 o'clock at night.

The program HyperVen is a self aid program, based on the therapy of the Dutch neurologist Drs. Snitslaar. By this therapy the respiratory center is made less sensitive for CO2. Because of this the body can produce CO2 buffers to compensate for hyperventilation. The red blood cells can release their oxygen in a normal manner and the blood vessels have a normal size again. The fatigue fades away.

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