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Can it be CHV is not always manifesting itself?

Can it be CHV is not always manifesting itself?
July 04, 2010 12:26PM
Can it be CHV is not always manifesting itself?

Chronic hyperventilation exists in many degrees. One can be very deep in it (experiencing attacks, continuous misery, fears, phobia and so on). Or one can be at a level where only occasionally the symptoms of CHV show themselves (mainly during busy periods, stressful situations and so on). It al depends on the actual setting of the respiratory center in the brain. One could think of the following scale indicating the severity of CHV:

angry smiley - 100
- very severe CHV causing fainting, extreme fears, muscle cramps, etc...
- the blood remains alkaline constantly
- all carbon dioxide buffers have been depleted

sad smiley - 75
- regular CHV attacks, constant fatigue, phobia, etc.
- CO2 levels are just above or just below the alkaline boundary
- only a few carbon dioxide buffers are available

confused smiley- 50
- borderline cases: occasional attacks or just a sense of feeling bad, some occasional fears
- the acidity of the blood is above the alkaline boundary, but drops below it if certain triggers are present
- there are some carbon dioxide buffers present, but not enough to compensate for stressful situations

smiling smiley- 25
- commonly healthy people. Do not suffer from CHV and have good resistance for stressful situations
- acidity level of the blood is normal
- there are enough carbon dioxide buffers present to compensate for any hyperventilation

spinning smiley sticking its tongue out - 1
- fully healthy people, no fears or other symptoms
- acidity level of the blood is at its optimum
- the maximum amount of carbon dioxide buffers are present. Any hyperventilation can easily be dealt with

All values in between are possible. People suffering from CHV are between 50 and 100. Doing the HyperVen therapy brings you towards 1 on this scale.

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